When trying to figure out which real estate agent to use in Jamaica the first thing you want to consider is how knowledgeable the agent is of the local community.

Does the agent know who the key stakeholders are in the community that you desire? If not then you need to search until you find the correct agent.

I was once being interviewed by a client with the goal in mind of finding them a home.

They asked the following questions;
What is the name and number of the postmistress?
What is the name and number of the chief medical officer for the closest hospital?
What is the name and number for the head of police?

I had no idea who these people were. From that day forward I learned the importance of being the go-to-person in my community. Not just a real estate agent but a resource person.

I encourage you to ask your agent tough questions to ensure that they know the area well enough to guide your real estate purchasing decisions.

The agent must know everything about the location as well as the property.