Jamaica will be stronger after the 2020 pandemic

Jamaica will be stronger after the 2020 pandemic

History has shown that Jamaica is an extremely resilient country which always rises to the occasion.

Based on the several measures that the government has taken along with the private sector, Jamaica is getting ready for a solid comeback.  More specifically the real estate sector is poised to take off. 

There is statistical data to show why the real estate market will be one of the first to be stronger.  What has happened is a market shift globally as it relates to real estate.  However, the shift for Jamaica is different, the shift will be towards a more secure investment.  Globally the shift tends to be caused by low or high inventory.  This is not the issue in Jamaica.  The issue in Jamaica is where people choose to put their money.  Do they put it in the stock market or real estate? After the dust settles buyers will gravitate towards real estate.

Is the world facing a shift?

The month of March in the year 2020 will go down in history as the month the world came to a halt.  However, like every other depression or downward trending market, business will go on. The most important thing to keep in mind is that, what goes up must come down. Real estate is a cyclical business.  Fortune favors
the well informed and the prepared. 

I encourage all investors to include several real estate options in their due-diligence in the coming months.

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